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While many businesses have tried and failed to enter and build success in Latin America, Golden Race has been supporting and working with customers there for many years, and the upcoming Peru Gaming Show, to be held on June 21-22, 2017, at the Jockey Exhibition Centre, Lima, Peru, is the perfect opportunity to learn how you can capitalise on this booming region!

With the recent opening of the new Golden Race offices in Lima, Peru, the timing of the show is perfect to allow operators for the region to “get in on the ground floor” and take advantage of the many years of Golden Race experience and expertise!

All Golden Race solutions and products will be on display and demonstrated, including the entire suite of proven games, various hardware options, and the brand new ONLINE platform – which is completely new and unique in the industry.

The ONLINE, as well as the direct to MOBILE, experience are both designed based on real sports betting – the look and feel is exactly the same, players do not need to learn anything new, they can simply start playing and enjoying intuitively, with many features and player retention devices straight from a real sportsbook, including combination betting, bonuses, multi-sport and multi-event bets, and much more!

Golden Race pre-recorded video races are a sure winner in Latam: real race events, pre-recorded in HD, and delivered to players on whatever schedule best fits your needs and their tastes, with full odds and limits control, individual or connected jackpots, all completely brandable for your company, your colours, your logo, even your promotions!

You can also experience the award-winning Real Fighting, and the “King of Virtual Sports” 3D Virtual Football League – with every major competition in the world, real voiceovers, real odds, and customisation to the next level.

If you are serious about getting ahead in Latam, join Golden Race at Stand 13-17 – we’ll be waiting for you!

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