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Golden Race | The Virtual Betting Games Solutions Provider for your shop
GOLDEN LINEUn fútbol virtual pro, No es necesario esperar a los partidos de la fifa para apostar en el fútbol virtual

Golden Race

Fixed odds virtual betting games solutions you can bet on

Golden Race provides land-based and online operators with reliable, cost-effective solutions so they can engage customers 24/7 in entertaining and innovative gaming experiences. Our content offer includes 3D football action, pre-recorded video races, poker, keno and LIVE streaming lotto.

Cost Effective

We have the most competitive setup fee: great games, cashier software, administrative Back Office, and technical support all included!

Shop + Online

Whether you operate bricks and mortar shops, or online betting sites, or both… we have the right cross-platform solution for you.


We offer personalisation services that seamlessly integrate your brand across the system and all games.

Top Profit Games

Your business will benefit from our extensive experience working with market leaders fine-tuning our games and systems.


Golden Race creates betting solutions tailored to customer needs, delivering the most innovative, unique, flexible, and cost-effective virtual betting systems on the market.


  • Golden Race drives the growth in the gaming industry through market innovations.
  • Golden Race empowers partners to create their own virtual products.
  • Golden Race believes that the final outome of a nice gaming experience is more than just entertainment.
  • Golden Race’s story of success is based on every outstanding individual in our worldwide growing team.

Latest News

FADJA 2018: our next Golden appointment in Bogotá, Colombia

The American Gaming Trade Show is coming up! We are getting ready for this important event that will take place at Corferias, Bogotá on April 5 & 6. LatAm oriented betting solutions Latin America presents a big opportunity for Golden Race to keep growing. Players...


Just when the weather is about to freeze the city, hot news are coming up in London. Days of excitement for gaming enthusiasts are straight ahead. From February 6-8, London will host ICE, the biggest event of the year for the most important names in the industry and...

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