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The iGaming Asia Congress will be held at the Grand Hyatt, Macau, on 27-29 March 2017, and Golden Race CEO Martin Wachter will be joining various other industry experts to talk about the huge potential of the region and how to best build success in the tech-savvy market there.

With both the exhibition giving personal access to more than 200 global and regional gaming companies, and the conference bringing investors, developers, consultants, and gaming experts – the iGaming Asia Congress is set to be extremely useful for anyone wanting to capitalise on the Asian market.

Golden Race have recently launched the new ONLINE and MOBILE solutions, designed from the ground up to be exactly the same as a real sportsbook – the excitement is real, the odds are real, the winnings are real – only the events are virtual – meaning they are entirely manageable to fit your schedule, with the odds and limits set however you decide is best for your bottom line and your players.

The Golden Race MOBILE specific offering is perfect for the Asian market, where consumers are “mobile-first” – mobile use surpasses computer use, the Asia Pacific region leads the world with over half of the global mobile devices used there.

If you are already working in Asia, or wish to expand and build success there, Golden Race have everything you need to get up and running and meeting player demands – quickly and easily.

Join Golden Race at the iGaming Asia Congress, and start winning today!

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