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Golden Race at G2E Asia | GoldenRace

G2E Asia

After displaying the exciting features and betting opportunities of both our all-in-one Golden-Box solution and our expanding gaming suite to the African market at Sports Betting East Africa Show, we continue our 2015 tour. Golden Race will be at the upcoming G2E Asia Expo. As always, it takes place in Macau, China.

At one of the most popular shows in the gaming industry, we will exhibit all of our new features this year … From the latest version of our virtual football game to our new virtual products: IndyKart Racing, and Tennis.

We have many surprises and new developments planned for this year, and we hope to pleasantly surprise the Asian market where we are already providing our solutions to our happy customers.

If you have the opportunity to attend, come and see us between May 19th to 21st, 2015, at stand 713.

See you in China!

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