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Golden Race have been shortlisted for the 2017 EGR B2B Award for Virtual Sports Supplier of the year!

We are very proud and pleased to announce the recognition of every employee’s commitment to the company vision of excellence, innovation, and creating products and solutions specifically addressing customer needs and their player demands.

For more than a decade, Golden Race have focused on creating an authentic sports betting experience that customers can completely control, manage, and deliver to their players – wherever they are – on the best schedule for their business, 24/7.

The award is, of course, fiercely contested. However, looking at the key criteria, any customer of Golden Race will notice that the company is a huge contender for this prestigious award.

The judges will consider:

  • Product development and deliverability,
  • Product differentiation,
  • User experience,
  • Innovation,
  • Understanding customer needs.

Golden Race work extremely hard in each and every one of these areas, and demonstrably outperform competitors in each area.

This can be clearly seen in the Golden Race user experience – it is second to none. Golden Race has focused on creating a realistic and authentic betting experience for players – identical to real sports betting – so that everything is familiar, there is nothing to learn, and they can simply enjoy their passion, experience the same excitement of real sports betting, but without having to wait weeks or months for the next competition.

The judges will be looking in particular at how Golden Race opted to buck the trend of the industry and, instead of pre-rendering 3D virtual products, used live-rendering to avoid seeing the same games unfolding (unlike our competitors), and provide a huge advantage for any product updates, customizations, and even creating and deploying entirely new competitions, teams, kits, players, or

The award winners will be announced in less than a month on the evening of Tuesday 6th June, 2017, at The Hurlingham Club, London. Golden Race would like to thank all of our loyal customers for choosing us, and wish all award participants the best of luck.

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