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Casino Games B2B - Poker, Roulette & Keno | Golden Race

Watch as three poker games unfold simultaneously.

Jump into the action when you are ready to predict the winning hand!

The popular, classic 80 number game!

Mini Roulette
The casino classic gets a “mini” update that gives away HUGE winnings!

Virtual Games for Casino & betting business



Watch three tables and predict the winners!

Anyone who has spent any time in the world of gaming is familiar with poker, but not everyone has had the chance to enjoy poker betting.

With our top-of-the-line software, players can watch three tables at once and do something different - bet on the best!

The cards are dealt and then played by an intelligent AI programmed for the highest level of play. Users get to see all the cards on the table and bet on whichever hand they think will come out on top.

Build poker skills and an understanding of the game while enjoying a twist on classic play, and a chance to win big!




A draw of 20 balls out of 80! Keno game easy to play in Golden Box

We offer keno in its purest digital form. Players simply pick up to 8 numbers from a board of 80, and then watch as the system randomly draws 20 numbers.

With each number hit, the odds of hitting another number in any given draw diminishes, but the payouts only grow!

With a game running as often as every 2 minutes, the potential hits are countless!




Mini Roulette

Mini Roulete virtual game for betting business

Everyone loves the classic roulette games found in America and Europe, but everyone who has played our mini roulette loves it even more.

With the simplicity and relatively casual form of play that comes from having just 12 numbers, mini roulette is growing to be an increasingly popular variant of classic roulette.

Less numbers means a fun and easier time for the inexperienced and a new, fresh form of game to master for the experienced.

Just don't think fewer numbers means lower payouts because the cash winnings in a mini roulette game can be as high as you'll find at any traditional table, if not higher!


Golden Race works continuously to find new formats that connect with current and future generations of players.
Coming soon: New games, new opportunities to win.

Start winning today!

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