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Golden Race CEO and Founder Martin Wachter will share his experience and expertise at the upcoming Betting On Football 2017 event, which will take place on May 3-4, at Stamford Bridge, London. The annual event, which began in 2014, brings together the betting industry and focuses on betting and football – real or virtual – with only the best and most passionate speakers sharing their insights and experiences.

Wachter will be joined by the Golden Race sales team, proudly exhibiting our 3D Football League – “The King of Virtual Sports” – as well as the rest of the award-winning and popular games suite, and the whole range of flexible solutions to meet players’ demands in retail locations, online, and direct to mobile.

No other game comes close to football in terms of usage and revenue generated for our customers, and it’s not hard to understand why: soccer is loved around the world, and Golden Race have captured the excitement of the beautiful game, and packaged it into a manageable product which customers can deliver to their players on their own schedule, with their own odds, limits, teams, competitions, and of course branding.

While competitors seem to only be concerned with making the prettiest picture, Golden Race have taken a different approach, instead choosing to focus on the overall experience – using professional bookmakers to create unique odds for every single league provided (every major competition in the world is available!), collaborating with real athletes, football cameramen, professional football commentators. The end result is an authentic sports betting experience, the real deal, only with virtual results.

Join us at the Golden Race stand, or check out the Golden Race Play Area! Come and enjoy a quick game of foosball to let off steam, and take advantage of a personal meeting with Martin to learn how, when it comes to betting on football, Golden Race delivers success.

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